Strategy To Promote and Implement A Smoking Free Zone at Work

smoke-free-facility-school-sign-k-4043Business has been increasingly becoming in demand when it comes to the health status of every employee. The safe practices as to how every employer has implemented a safe zone for non-smokers, but is the environment still safe? Have other employees followed the rules and regulations stipulated by the company? If you think that not everyone has followed such implementation that means that you have a group or some employees who are not living or not having a healthy life.

How will you be able to help your employees understand and at the same time help them live a healthy life?

It is important that you do a survey when it comes to situations like this. Although you cannot force all of your employees to attend a meeting for a smokers association, but having them at least go once will perhaps help them realize how important it is to have a healthy life and to avoid being sick. If you are an employee right now who happens to read this article, then you are lucky because you have the slightest idea of why you need to quit smoking. Make them understand as well that second-hand smoking is much worse than being the source of smoking nicotine. That is why it is important for companies to implement a non-smoking area.

There may be a lot of ways as to how you are going to stop the bad habit, and that is for the following reasons:

Encouraging your employees to sign up for a Smoker’s Association– there may be a lot of government or non-government group of support system for people who are hardcore smokers. In this way, they will be identified as well as they can determine which part of their life that they need change when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. This may have a lot of opportunities for every smoker who wants to quit such as:

  • counseling- this is one of the most important parts that one employer should remember. A person may only have to connect to a counselor if he or she is convenient and comfortable in talking about his or her experiences with regards to smoking.
  • Encouraging the use of hotlines such as a telephone number for quitlines- there may be others who do not want to have a face to face conversation with a counselor, so this would be best to help your employee able to share through the use of the telephone.

imagesHealth teachings- you may want to invite a group of people who may be of help to your employees. You should consider a meeting that is for everyone’s convenience; you may also want to communicate with your employees regarding your plans, in this way they will be aware as to what is going on in the company and what they should expect in return. It is also important that you are seeking their feedback, as others may not have liked being told to attend, but at least you are also aware for those who are interested.

What are the benefits that you can gain from quitting smoking and having to attend a Smoker’s session for treatment? First of all, promoting a healthy lifestyle is everywhere and it is up to you as to how you are going to embrace the reality that smoking can cause Cancer and worse can lead to death. While there is always a second chance, it would be best for you to start living a healthy life without worrying your future whether you will get sick or not.