a1 - AboutIf there was anything that the world can agree on it is that health is wealth. If we do not take care of our bodies, so many different aspects of our lives are affected drastically. The quality of air that we breathe severely affects how our bodies function—especially over extended periods of time. Smoking is a habit that countless of people do on a daily basis. What smokers do not often consider is how smoking affects not only themselves but others as well.

Hello and welcome to Casemo. We are an online publication that is wholly dedicated to the topic of cigarette smoke-free public spaces for all. It is our most fervent hope that more and more people take note of what smoke-free public spaces can do for their health and so many other things like property values.

Our team of writers and researchers come from different professional and educational backgrounds—all of us sharing the goal of pushing awareness regarding the dangers of cigarette smoke. We aim to discuss the different approaches to building smoke-free spaces and what we can achieve from them. If there is anything in particular that you would wish for us to discuss—or if you have any questions—feel free to get in touch with us. Help us build better spaces for ourselves and our children.