Smoking and the smoke it produces kills people. This is a fact that we must never forget. No matter how long it takes—or it may not even take that long—smoking cigarettes will eventually take its toll on both the smoker and those that inhale their smoke.

Hello and welcome to Casemo. As you may know, we are an online publication that is dedicated toward raising awareness about the dangers of smoking. We are also pushing toward more cigarette smoke-free public places in neighborhoods, work places, campuses and even cities. We know that this is a task that we cannot undertake by our own. In order to achieve this, we need to call in the cavalry.

That means you!

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Every passing day and every new article is an opportunity to convince another person about what we all have to gain regarding smoke-free spaces.

We’re ecstatic if you are thinking of becoming a contributor for this page and this movement! We truly believe that in order to effectively raise awareness and obtain smoke-free public places, we all need to work together. As such, if you believe that you would like to get started with your article contributors right away, please get in touch with our editor-in-chief at your earliest convenience.