Joining the Fray: What YOU Can Do To Help Obtain Smoke-Free Spaces

Last time, we discussed the importance of having good on-campus activities to get the word out about the benefits of being in a smoke-free campus. Today’s discourse is going to be a bit more on what you can personally do to help the cause of obtaining a wholly smoke-free campus. We believe that when it comes to obtaining such safe spaces, everyone should pitch in.

What Can You Do?

There’s a multitude of things that you can actually do on a personal level. Like:

Not Smoke

31 - Joining the Fray: What YOU Can Do To Help Obtain Smoke-Free Spaces

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If you have ever been a smoker, it would be great if you were to cut the habit off. After all, there will be less smoke going around if there are fewer smokers in the area. When you actively choose to stop smoking, you not only add years to your own life but you add years to the lives of others as well.

Support Calls for Smoke-Free Spaces

32 - Joining the Fray: What YOU Can Do To Help Obtain Smoke-Free Spaces

Usually, there will be a vote of some kind on campuses regarding the state of smoking areas. Being involved and supporting the calls for a smoke-free space is a really big thing. When the administration sees that there are more and more students that want to live and study in a smoke-free environment, the better the chance that policies will be enacted.

Open Dialogue

33 - Joining the Fray: What YOU Can Do To Help Obtain Smoke-Free Spaces

A lot of the time the message about smoke-free campuses gets lost in translation. It becomes this loud message that no one wants to hear. This is primarily because there is no face to the message. If you are able to talk to someone—a peer or even a stranger—about smoke-free living, you add a very human face to the positive message. Talk about why smoke-free campuses are worth fighting for.

Every Bit Helps

When it comes to joining the fight for wholly 100% smoke-free public places in campuses, every single person can help this come to fruition. It doesn’t matter how large or how small your effort it, all that matters is that you helped toward a goal that is larger than yourself. It is also a goal that will have a lasting positive effect on coming generations of students.

Always Remember

Change begins with you. If you are unable to stick to your advocacy, how can you expect other people to follow suit? As long as you keep your eye on the prize and maintain a responsible approach to the discourse of a smoke-free campus, you and your fellow students will be on the right path.

What have you personally done to help advocate for a smoke-free campus?

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