More than Just You: Why Is Smoking Always an Issue?

Despite the multitude of studies that show that smoking does have a lot of negative effects on the health of the smoker and those around them, it still continues to be an issue. Smoking is a habit that divides people as there are those that love it—even treat it like they cannot live without it. Then there are those that are wholly aware of the repercussions of smoking.

Let’s explore why smoking will always be an issue.

It’s a health issue

Smoking kills—there is no denying that. Smoking is a habit that affects the health of several individuals starting from the smoker and leading toward those that happen to be around them at the time. What we find interesting is that everyone can agree that the smoke that comes from vehicles—especially when it is black is back for the lungs and the overall health of the people and the environment.

However, when it comes to the smoke emissions of cigarettes, people are less inclined to believe studies that have proven that smoking has severe adverse effects. These effects only get worse the longer a person smokes or are exposed to cigarette smoke. This will continue to be an issue as long as there are people who are losing their lives over this highly preventable cause of illness.

It’s a social issue

We’re not kidding when we say that smoking and the quest for smoke-free public spaces divides people. Entire families are often split when the topic of smoke-free places crop up. There are those that believe that it is their right to smoke if they want to. We believe that as well. What is not okay is the fact that they put other people at risk whenever they smoke in public places.

People that are constantly exposed to secondhand smoke are more than likely to fall ill. When a smoker lights up a cigarette, they get nearly 5,000 chemicals in their body. When that smoke is processed out of the smoker’s body and into the lungs of someone else, the person that just inhaled secondhand smoke just had about 7,000 chemicals enter their bodies.

Always Remember

Smoking, as long as it exists, will continue to be an issue. As long as this unhealthy habit exists, there will always be people who will get hurt and there will always be people who will continue to fight against it. We hope that through our different discussions you catch a better message about the dangers of smoking and the benefits of smoke-free environments.

With that in mind, why do you personally think that smoking will always be an issue?

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