featured4 - Rethink That Puff: Dangers of Vaping You Need to Be Aware Of

Rethink That Puff: Dangers of Vaping You Need to Be Aware Of

While there are a lot of smokers out in the world, there are some of them that actively try to find methods of “reducing” the amount of harmful residue that they expel. There are those that try to quit the habit altogether but this is not easy to do. Smoking is a habit that often leads to nicotine addiction which the body will crave when it is no longer present.

In their quest to find newer ways to cut back on harmful fumes but still get the nicotine fix, technology has introduced them to a seemingly safe method: e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. Instead of the tobacco, butts, and paper, smoking has seemingly embraced the new century. In its wake, a social activity called vaping has developed.

What is Vaping?

11 - Rethink That Puff: Dangers of Vaping You Need to Be Aware Of

This is the activity that has resulted from the concept of the electronic cigarette. One of the biggest appeals of the e-cig is the fact that there are now different flavors that could be tried. The puff of smoke that results from e-cigarettes are often bigger and depending on the flavor the smell of the cloud of smoke will be different from the normal smell you get when smoking.

When e-cigs and vaping became popular, more and more people thought that this was entirely safe. Here are a few dangers of vaping that we feel you should be made aware of:

Liquid Nicotine Poisoning

12 - Rethink That Puff: Dangers of Vaping You Need to Be Aware Of

Since the creation of e-cigs, there have been more calls toward the US poison control centers about the accidental and deliberate ingestion of liquid nicotine. In a lot of cases, it is young children that end up ingesting or being exposed to liquid nicotine poisoning.

Battery Related Malfunctions

13 - Rethink That Puff: Dangers of Vaping You Need to Be Aware Of

If you’ve heard of or seen videos of sudden explosions caused by e-cigarettes, you would know that this threat is real. With the sudden popularity of e-cigs it was only natural that there would be industries that would want some of that lucrative pie. What has happened is that in the attempt to corner the market and obtain profit, substandard e-cigs are being produced.

When the product is substandard, they have been known to explode.

Always Remember

Smoking whether in its traditional form or in its more modern e-cig form comes with its own sets of risks. While we believe that there should be a compromise in helping smokers who are actively trying to limit their contribution toward unhealthy public spaces, there should be significantly more study going into the risks and dangers of vaping.

What dangers of vaping are you aware of?

featured2 - Smoking and Kids: How Secondhand Smokes Affects Children

Smoking and Kids: How Secondhand Smokes Affects Children

It is always rather frustrating to know that innocent children are being harmed because of the callous decisions made by adults. Today, we wanted to discuss how secondhand smoke affects children. We believe this to be important because as adults, it is supposed to be our responsibility to make sure that the future generations have a better shot at life that we’ve had.

This is how secondhand smokes affect children in different stages of their lives:


1 - Smoking and Kids: How Secondhand Smokes Affects Children

Infants are often exposed to cigarette smoke when one or both of their parents smoke. This is also likely when someone in the home is a smoker. While they may not mean to do so, infants are more prone to be exposed to secondhand smoke because adults around them smoke more in order to combat fatigue or stress.

When infants are exposed to secondhand smoke, it raises the risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The longer that they are exposed to secondhand smoke, the greater their chances for developing learning problems and respiratory issues.


2 - Smoking and Kids: How Secondhand Smokes Affects Children

When kids are exposed to secondhand smoke, their health suffers. Kids that are often exposed to secondhand smoke are more prone toward cough and colds. They are more likely to develop Bronchitis and have worse affliction of Pneumonia—something that can be fatal for really young children.

Always Remember

Children are more prone to the negative effects that secondhand smoke brings. Their systems are still developing and they need our help to make sure that they are able to grow well. With every passing hour, millions more children are inhaling secondhand smoke. Each time you choose to light a cigarette in a public place, you are putting the health of a child at risk.

If we continue to expose our children to the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke, what kind of future are we trying to build?