Carving out a Better Future: What Future Generations Have to Gain from Smoke-Free Public Spaces

It is always the responsibility of the older generation to leave a better world for the future generations. However, it seems that some people are ignoring the memo. Today, we wanted to take a look at what our future generations will stand to gain from the smoke-free public spaces that we’ve set up so far.

Better Air Quality

The air that we breathe largely determines our quality of health. If you breathe in poisonous things, you slowly but surely risk death. The secondhand smoke that cigarette smokers produce is poison. If we are able to establish more smoke-free public spaces, we help better the chances of having better air quality for our young and our communities.

Good air is needed to help our body process and function. Why would we not want to do anything that will help secure better air quality?

Less Health Risks

Smoking is a path that leads down to A LOT of health issues. This is something that we really cannot stress enough. It’s not just the children that are at risk. The elders are at risk as well. If we have more smoke-free spaces, we lessen the likelihood of a child or an elder taking in secondhand smoke.

Our health is crucial. After all, it costs millions of dollars to stay healthy when an illness has taken root. Lung cancer and other respiratory problems are always associated with smoking and secondhand smoke.

Better Habits

When there are fewer places to smoke in public, we send a very clear message to the coming generations that smoking is bad. Those who still choose to smoke do so at their own risk. The trouble is that smoking has been firmly associated with status symbols of being wealthy, edgy, classy, or even manly that so many previous generations pretty much normalized smoking.

If we have more smoke-free public spaces, we are effectively telling our kids and their kids that smoking isn’t something that you should get into because you’re trying to prove something.

Always Remember

Our time will pass and it is up to us to make sure that by the time we pass on, our kids and their kids will have a better environment to live in. Smoke-Free public places aren’t just a luxury—it is a necessity. Far too many people have lost their lives unnecessarily; all because some people can’t be bothered to smoke where they don’t affect anyone else but themselves.

When we take the stand and establish more smoke-free public places, we are sending a clear message that health is important and is prioritized by communities. Our kids will grow up seeing how their elders prioritize the important things and will follow suit.

What do you think future generations have to gain from smoke-free public spaces?

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