Hello and welcome to Casemo!

As you may know, we are an online publication that is dedicated toward raising awareness about the dangers of smoking. We are also pushing toward more cigarette smoke-free public places in neighborhoods, work places, campuses and even cities. It is our greatest wish that we are able to procure places where people can go and not have to worry about the quality of air that they are breathing into their bodies.

In order to achieve that, we know that we need wholly researched discussions that reflect why smoke-free spaces are wholly necessary. In our search for information that we can rely on, we’ve found some pretty good sites that have been critical in our own research. We also believe that this knowledge should be shared. That being said, here are some sites that you can go to for further reading about smoke-free public spaces:

Smoke Free Spaces

This website has the same goal that we do. They discuss the virtues of smoke free spaces and why they are critical to obtain. They also keep track of the places which have successfully lobbied for such spaces.

s1 - Useful Resources


Public Health Law Center

This website was particularly useful when it comes to finding cases that could be used to better build our arguments and platform.

s2 - Useful Resources


Do you guys have any online resources which help your advocacies? If you do, let us know so that we may share them here as well. Let’s all come together to build a reliable network of sites that will help us obtain more smoke-free spaces.