featured10 - Carving out a Better Future: What Future Generations Have to Gain from Smoke-Free Public Spaces

Carving out a Better Future: What Future Generations Have to Gain from Smoke-Free Public Spaces

It is always the responsibility of the older generation to leave a better world for the future generations. However, it seems that some people are ignoring the memo. Today, we wanted to take a look at what our future generations will stand to gain from the smoke-free public spaces that we’ve set up so far.

Better Air Quality

The air that we breathe largely determines our quality of health. If you breathe in poisonous things, you slowly but surely risk death. The secondhand smoke that cigarette smokers produce is poison. If we are able to establish more smoke-free public spaces, we help better the chances of having better air quality for our young and our communities.

Good air is needed to help our body process and function. Why would we not want to do anything that will help secure better air quality?

Less Health Risks

Smoking is a path that leads down to A LOT of health issues. This is something that we really cannot stress enough. It’s not just the children that are at risk. The elders are at risk as well. If we have more smoke-free spaces, we lessen the likelihood of a child or an elder taking in secondhand smoke.

Our health is crucial. After all, it costs millions of dollars to stay healthy when an illness has taken root. Lung cancer and other respiratory problems are always associated with smoking and secondhand smoke.

Better Habits

When there are fewer places to smoke in public, we send a very clear message to the coming generations that smoking is bad. Those who still choose to smoke do so at their own risk. The trouble is that smoking has been firmly associated with status symbols of being wealthy, edgy, classy, or even manly that so many previous generations pretty much normalized smoking.

If we have more smoke-free public spaces, we are effectively telling our kids and their kids that smoking isn’t something that you should get into because you’re trying to prove something.

Always Remember

Our time will pass and it is up to us to make sure that by the time we pass on, our kids and their kids will have a better environment to live in. Smoke-Free public places aren’t just a luxury—it is a necessity. Far too many people have lost their lives unnecessarily; all because some people can’t be bothered to smoke where they don’t affect anyone else but themselves.

When we take the stand and establish more smoke-free public places, we are sending a clear message that health is important and is prioritized by communities. Our kids will grow up seeing how their elders prioritize the important things and will follow suit.

What do you think future generations have to gain from smoke-free public spaces?

info3 - Carving out a Better Future: What Future Generations Have to Gain from Smoke-Free Public Spaces

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featured7 - Learning 101: On-Site Campus Activities to Promote Smoke-Free Environments

Learning 101: On-Site Campus Activities to Promote Smoke-Free Environments

Smoke-free spaces don’t just happen by themselves. Smoke-free spaces—especially campuses—need to be fought for. If you are advocating for a smoke-free campus, you need to be armed with activities that will help promote your cause well. Here are a few of our tried and tested on-site campus activities that you can try out:


One of the best ways to get the word out about smoke-free living is by talking about it. Book one of the lecture halls of your campus for a forum. Have healthcare professionals sit in the panel. Have them answer questions regarding smoking and its effects. Have them talk about the benefits of living in a smoke-free environment.

Forums are one of the best ways to pique the attention of your fellow students. Just be sure to run the marketing well in order to ensure that people will show up. Be clear about the time, date, and location. Be clear about what the subject of the forum is and what topics will be discussed.

Checkup Drives

If there is anything that college students tend to put off, it’s going to the doctor for a wellness checkup. Understanding the state of one’s health is a great way to open their minds to the idea of changing lifestyles and changing habits. Having a checkup drive in your campus—with special emphasis on the health of the lungs—can really raise awareness regarding the risk that they are putting themselves at by continuing to smoke and living in a smoking environment.

Partner up with organizations that are able to work with campuses about getting checked up. Chances are they will also have printed information regarding the risks associated with smoking.

-Please Note-

Before you go and do any of these activities, it is important that you clear it with your campus authority. It will not do anything good for your cause if you hold an unsanctioned activity in your school. Always pass it through the administration—if at all possible, make them a part of it. This will send a stronger message regarding a smoke-free campus.

Always Remember

It does not matter even if your message is born out of the purest of intentions. It is the approach that you take which will determine if your message will take or not. Being proactive and responsible about the sort of activities you have will help your chances of securing a smoke-free space. If you are advocating for a smoke-free campus environment, we hope that the activities we have shared above will help to better your presentation toward a smoke-free campus.

Which activity have you tried in your campus?

info2 - Learning 101: On-Site Campus Activities to Promote Smoke-Free Environments

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featured5 - Smoke-Free College Campuses: Why We Need to Fight For Them Today

Smoke-Free College Campuses: Why We Need to Fight For Them Today

College is always an interesting time in a young person’s life. There is a significant change in the surrounding and the amount of freedom that one can get can be pretty great. One of the troubles about college is that freedoms can be at times too liberal like the consumption of alcohol or the presence of smoking within the campus.

College is the time when young adults eventually grow into functioning adults—this is also the time and place where habits (both good and bad) are eventually formed and crystallized. So with that premise in mind, let’s take a look at why we need to fight for smoke-free college campuses.

Healthier Students

College is always the time for experimentation and balance. Students need to balance their lessons, deadlines, having a social life, and building their own other habits. At times to cope with the stress of it all, students turn to alcohol and smoking. This ultimately robs them of the chance to build better and healthier ways to deal with stress.

Making a campus smoke-free will give the students a stronger opportunity to become healthier individuals. They get to build better habits that will serve them well when they go out into the “real world” of adults and the workforce. Having a smoke-free campus will significantly lessen the number of students and professors that will exhibit  the negative side effects of firsthand and secondhand smoke.

Sets Stronger Precedents for Smoke-Free Environments

When a respectable institution like a college takes a stand about having a smoke-free environment, it sends a really strong message about the desire for other places like it. Colleges have nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to promoting healthier environments for their students.

If this is something that can be established, what is stopping cities and neighborhoods and work spaces from becoming 100% smoke-free as well? When there are more establishments that are willing to take a stand about smoking and protecting their people from exposure, we raise the bar regarding the need for wholly smoke-free public places.

Always Remember

Change does not occur until you make it happen. There are at least over 1000 college campuses that have chosen to go smoke-free. This is a trend that has benefited not only the students. This is something that greatly benefits the professors and the institution itself. By taking a stand today, you inch your campus closer and closer to adopting a full smoke-free policy.

What do you think we need to fight for smoke-free college campuses today?

featured3 - One for the Kids: Why Children Benefit from Organizations like ShowMe-PALS

One for the Kids: Why Children Benefit from Organizations like ShowMe-PALS

One of the things that we are wholly thankful for is the presence of youth groups across the USA that actively advocate for smoke-free spaces. One of those organizations is Show-Me PALS which stands for People Advocating Living Smoke-Free. This particular organization is headed and run by teens and young children.

Why Children Benefit From Them

When it comes to the foundation of good virtues and morals, our kids can look beyond the influence of the adults in their life. Often, it is good for children to have youth role models. You remember what it was like growing up—chances are you personally would have believed anything your childhood leader would have told you.

This principle is also true when it comes to the social development of children and their advocacies. When it comes to building good foundation, youth groups like Show-Me PALS can truly help. Here’s why:

They’re good examples

The youth leaders that are involved with Show-Me PALS are very serious about their advocacy. They are well-informed and empowered about their choices. They are well-organized and understand the importance of putting up a fight when it comes to obtaining something that will benefit everyone.

Kids in general can learn from this good example. There are a lot of kids out there that need direction and good groups like Show-Me PALS can help give them one.

It promotes healthy thinking and social setting

Youth groups that advocate for smoke-free public spaces often hold dialogues in a safe and responsible manner. It helps to showcase that just because you have an opinion you don’t have to be an ass about it. Regardless of your age, there is a proper way to express your ideas in a wholly constructive and productive manner.

In fact, more adults could use to learn this particular lesson nowadays.

Always Remember

As the adults in the situation, we need to make sure that our children are made aware of the risks that they face when it comes to the cigarette smoke of other people. They need to be made aware of the fact that they have voices too—voices that can be used to fight for their rights to clean air and healthy environments.

There is so much that children can learn from organizations like Show-Me PALS. It is up to the adults to make sure that they are given the opportunity to learn those lessons. Why do you think children benefit from organizations like Show-Me PALS?

featured2 - Smoking and Kids: How Secondhand Smokes Affects Children

Smoking and Kids: How Secondhand Smokes Affects Children

It is always rather frustrating to know that innocent children are being harmed because of the callous decisions made by adults. Today, we wanted to discuss how secondhand smoke affects children. We believe this to be important because as adults, it is supposed to be our responsibility to make sure that the future generations have a better shot at life that we’ve had.

This is how secondhand smokes affect children in different stages of their lives:


1 - Smoking and Kids: How Secondhand Smokes Affects Children

Infants are often exposed to cigarette smoke when one or both of their parents smoke. This is also likely when someone in the home is a smoker. While they may not mean to do so, infants are more prone to be exposed to secondhand smoke because adults around them smoke more in order to combat fatigue or stress.

When infants are exposed to secondhand smoke, it raises the risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The longer that they are exposed to secondhand smoke, the greater their chances for developing learning problems and respiratory issues.


2 - Smoking and Kids: How Secondhand Smokes Affects Children

When kids are exposed to secondhand smoke, their health suffers. Kids that are often exposed to secondhand smoke are more prone toward cough and colds. They are more likely to develop Bronchitis and have worse affliction of Pneumonia—something that can be fatal for really young children.

Always Remember

Children are more prone to the negative effects that secondhand smoke brings. Their systems are still developing and they need our help to make sure that they are able to grow well. With every passing hour, millions more children are inhaling secondhand smoke. Each time you choose to light a cigarette in a public place, you are putting the health of a child at risk.

If we continue to expose our children to the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke, what kind of future are we trying to build?